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What the developed world does NOT know: Future leaders’ ignorance about emerging markets

In times when you just need to open a browser or social media to access news from all over the world, it seems legit to think that the level of information has reached such a width and depth that we should be highly knowledgeable about the world around us. But is that really the case? What do we really know about the development of the world in general and of



CEMSational Global Alumni Week 2016 at WU Vienna

When I started the CEMS/Master’s in Management programme at WU, I was immediately inspired by the CEMS spirit and driven to become part of the CEMS Club, the student organization of the programme. I have always been especially interested in the Alumni Relations division, as I truly believe that the insights of people, who previously went through the same academic paths, are the most valuable and genuine for us, students.