Managing Life: Practical tips and workshops for a good life

Admittedly, times have been simpler. In addition to professional, family and study commitments, many students are currently struggling with upsetting emotions caused, for example, by the current situation in Ukraine and the world. But what’s the best way to balance attention to daily tasks, stress from external influences and your own emotions? Is it possible to manage them? And what life skills are needed to successfully manage studies and life despite all the challenges? The WU Student Counseling Team has practical tips and workshops for you in the summer semester!

The may be tempting to think: If only I had enough “management skills,” I’d be in control of my life. “To have it in your own hands” (from Latin manus for hand) is one of the roots of the verb manage. But does our body want to be managed? How can you balance your needs and desires with external demands and performance goals to be successful, healthy and satisfied in the long run?

How can you find a balance between external pressure and internal motivation? When is good management needed, and when is it more efficient and called for to go with the flow of life?

To help you find your own answers and strategies to these questions as well as practical body-based exercises for implementing and integrating your insights into your daily life, the Student Counselling Team has made Study & Life Skills the focus for this semester’s group formats.

In the summer semester of 2022, the Student Counselling Team is offering a series of online talks and in-person workshops dedicated to skills that every student needs to not only succeed in their studies, but also to navigate the challenges of life in general in a healthy and satisfying way. The focus is on attention and emotional self-management as essential skills for living well.

We are happy to announce that this semester there will also be group sessions in English. They will be announced on the English events page of the Student Counselling Program. You can find our events in German here.

Here is an overview of what is waiting for you this semester: