4 best answers to your questions about the exchange semester

WU students have the opportunity to shape their own study time globally and internationally. In addition to being a plus on your resume, a global mindset also enriches your own perspective and is a key qualification. A semester abroad is one of the most popular options when it comes to gaining international experience. We asked WU’s International Office about the exchange semester and received valuable tips.

  1. Where can I obtain information about a semester abroad?

    The International Office advises and informs WU students who are interested in international exchange. For the exchange semester format, there is a website for bachelor’s students as well as a website for master’s students. On these sites, you will find information that is useful for the application process. Moreover, you can also read upon what you need to do if you have been nominated for an exchange place. If something is unclear or you need a consultation, you can get in touch with the International Office and get personal advice. The general student consultation team will help you with questions about the application process and general inquiries. The regional coordinators can answer specific questions about partner universities and support you after you have been nominated for a destination. We also offer small group advisory meetings and workshops for our application periods. There are small group advisory meetings for the pre-application phase and for the post-nomination phase. Currently, the group meetings take place online, so pre-registration is not necessary.

  2. How do I find the right partner university?

    At the beginning of each semester, you can find the lists of available exchange place on the websites of the International Office (Exchange semester Bachelor / Exchange semester Master). In addition to your cultural interest in the host country, you should look for universities that offer courses that match your academic interests. This is where the credit transfer online database comes into play. The database is maintained by Study Regulations & Credit Transfer (Study Service Center). It is available for bachelor’s and master’s students. The database shows you which courses have been taken abroad in the past and which courses have been recognized at WU. Please keep in mind that the database is only a means of orientation and you do not have to make a final decision on which courses you would like to take abroad when applying. Often it is helpful to get inspiration from fellow students and their experiences. On the webpage International experiences at WU and abroad, you can find interviews and reports about popular destinations.

  3. When do the application periods take place? Where can I find information about the application process?

    You can apply for a semester abroad during the official application periods. Note that the application always takes place one year in advance. Therefore, if you apply in the summer semester this year and get nominated, your semester abroad will take place in the coming summer semester. Bachelor’s and master’s students can apply online and get to the application portal via the International Office website (Application Bachelor / Application Master). On the website, you can also find information about the application requirements and master’s students can see whether their own study program is suitable for a stay abroad.

  4. What happens after I have been nominated for an exchange place?

    After you have been nominated for an exchange place, your regional coordinator will contact you. As long as you check your WU e-mail regularly, you will not miss any important to-dos (e.g. registration at the partner university). In the semester before your exchange, the mandatory grant and credit transfer session will take place. All students who have been nominated for an exchange through the International Office will receive financial support. At the session, you will learn how to obtain the grant and which options you have in terms of course selection and credit transfer. Bachelor’s students must take the course Cross-Cultural Competence in the semester before their exchange. For master’s students, attendance is recommended and optional. Information on the mandatory grant and credit transfer session as well as on the course Intercultural Competence will be send to your WU e-mail address.

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