Bangkok Summer School: “The experience exposed me to cultures, perspectives, and ways of thinking”

This September, the Bangkok Summer School on International Business and Sustainable Development took place at Mahidol University (College of Management). During the three-week International Short Program, students from WU explored ideas and concepts together with their counterpart from Thailand. WU bachelor’s students Iris Begic and Alicia Sabathiel participated and shared their impressions with us.

WU Blog: How did you learn about the Bangkok Summer School and why did you choose to participate?

Iris Begic: I learned about the Bangkok Summer School on the WU website and was drawn to its well-structured program. Additionally, I saw it as a great opportunity to gain international experience and engage with a diverse group of students and faculty, which is why I chose to participate.

WU Blog: How did participating in the Bangkok Summer School help you in terms of your personal/professional/academic development?

Iris Begic: From a personal perspective, the experience exposed me to cultures, perspectives, and ways of thinking. Interacting with students from different parts of the world helped me become more open-minded and adaptable, enhancing my interpersonal skills. On the professional front, the program allowed me to build a global network of contacts, which has been valuable in my career. It also provided opportunities to collaborate on projects and develop teamwork and leadership skills.

WU Blog: What can you tell us about the academic program and the lecturers? What was your impression?

Alicia Sabathiel: The academic program was well organized into 3 blocks: The first block was about International Business in the region of South East Asia, the second about the analysis of sustainability strategies, and the third about sustainability and SDGs. All lecturers were highly professional and did a fantastic job in mixing case studies, discussions, and small presentations.

Iris Begic: What I found particularly appealing was the program’s diversity in terms of both the lecturers and the experiences it offered. One of the aspects I particularly enjoyed was the program’s focus on practical experiences. We had the chance to visit companies, which offered valuable insights into Thai business operations.

WU Blog: Regarding the topic of sustainability, what did you take away from the program in that aspect? Do you plan to apply any learnings to promote sustainability in your personal or professional life?

Alicia Sabathiel: My takeaway for sustainability from this program is the high importance of reaching the SDG goals to live in a sustainable world and that we can only get there if everybody is doing their part, from companies to individuals. What I also found quite important is that sustainability is not just about environmental aspect but also about social and economic sustainability. I try to incorporate this knowledge into my life by taking a close look if a company is sustainable or not when buying something.

WU Blog: How did you like the social and cultural program? Did you have enough opportunities to make new contacts?

Iris Begic: I absolutely loved the social and cultural program! It provided numerous opportunities to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. I met many new people and even formed some lasting friendships. Overall, it was an amazing experience, both academically and socially. Learning about the local culture, engaging with the Thai people, and exploring places outside Bangkok with fellow participants were all standout features. These experiences not only enhanced my understanding of Thailand but also created lasting memories.

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