Central Europe Connect: “Three capitals, three universities, countless memories”

Central Europe Connect (CEC) is a Joint Certificate Program offered in cooperation by WU Vienna, EUBA Bratislava, and SGH Warsaw. In the course of a semester, students spend one course week in each of the cities of the participating universities. During the program, participants acquire academic skills, engage with the economic region of Central Europe, and take advantage of the program’s networking character.


We asked participating bachelor’s students, Prof. Arnold Schuh, and CEC coordinator Victoria Schwabl how they experienced the program this summer semester 2023.

WU Blog: You have participated in the CEC program. Why did you do so, and which academic aspects did you find most valuable?

Jakub (WU Vienna): At each of the universities, I had the opportunity to learn how multifaceted the Central and Eastern European market is. The courses were optimally designed for the three short intensive weeks and provided interesting insights into various aspects. Whether it was direct investment and the attractiveness of the market for foreign players, consumer behavior and brand perception, or management strategies of companies from the region. I chose CEC to really dive into these topics.

WU Blog: CEC offers a combination of academic, social, and cultural activities. What is your overall view on the program?

Martin (EUBA Bratislava): Three capitals, three universities, countless memories. That is my view on Central Europe Connect. The program offers a properly balanced fusion of both academic and social elements. In particular, I would like to highlight the quality of the academic part, which was practice-related and gave opportunities to network with dozens of other students. It was a truly enriching and enjoyable experience.

WU Blog: How would you describe the networking and social character of the program?

Julia (SGH Warsaw): Central Europe Connect is an unforgettable adventure that gave me the chance to make new friends and gain international knowledge. The experience was well-facilitated through interesting lectures, visiting local companies, and solving various case studies together. Besides expanding my knowledge about the CEE region, the CEC program enabled me to explore new cities, learn about local culture and traditions, and try local cuisine. I can highly recommend it.

WU Blog: Through your expertise in Emerging Markets and the CEE region, you can provide insights and knowledge which students can build on. Looking at the CEC course week in Vienna, can you tell us more about the guest lectures?

Arnold Schuh (Professor and Lecturer, WU Vienna): In 2023, the strategy course at WU Vienna was complemented by a visit to retail group REWE International where we learned about the BILLA CEE strategy. Wolfgang Haas of Vienna Insurance Group discussed with us the right brand strategy for CEE. A panel discussion on “Candidate-driven job markets” with representatives of HENKEL, VIG, WU and students from the three universities demystified notions about graduates only longing for short working hours, home office and jobs with a purpose. Altogether, the week in Vienna offered again a great combination of studying, exploring the city, and socializing.

WU Blog: Victoria, you coordinated the CEC program and supported the students whenever necessary. Can you tell us about your perspective on the program?

Victoria (CEC Coordinator, WU Vienna): I thoroughly enjoyed accompanying 50 students from Warsaw, Slovakia and Vienna during their Central Europe Connect experience. It was wonderful to see them make new friends, learn about each other’s cultures, and have the experience of attending two foreign universities during a semester. I loved guiding the students in their social events and being there for them in almost all aspects of life. I highly recommend students to participate in the CEC program as it is an enriching experience.

Here is what you need to know about Central Europe Connect (CEC)

CEC consists of three course weeks: “Strategies and Management for Central Europe” (WU), “Structural Dynamics in Central European Economies” (EUBA) and “Marketing Resources and Consumer Behavior in Central Europe” (SGH). The course modules are complemented by company visits, guest lectures, and industry experts.

CEC is a special track within the SBWL International Business. Students can apply for the specialization through the regular application process. Click here for more details.

Key facts – Central Europe Connect

  • Special track within SBWL International Business
  • Graduation with a joint certificate from WU, EUBA, and SGH
  • Application: During the regular application for the SBWL IB
  • Joint short-term study program complemented by practical and cultural activities