Team of the month 01/21: WU continues to grow – and this is the team that made it happen

In early December 2020, the largest project for expanding WU’s premises since the move to the new campus in 2013 came to a successful close. This intense 2-year project started with an analysis of how much additional space was needed, the search for an appropriate location, and the management of the administrative procedures required by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science, and Research. The last item to be crossed off the list when the project ended in mid-December was the delivery of the the last of over 1,000 new items of furniture and equipment – a coat rack.

We proudly present our team of the month 01/21: Ole Niehaus, Manfred Lauterbrunner, Christian Csikos, Rainer Wicke, Claudia Lambor, Michaela Hofer, Claudia Scharinger-Kaspar, Dolores Schulz, Philipp Laurent Amon-Luger, Daniela Pum (all with Campus Management), Hakan Siretoglu, Barbara Zimmer, Christian Löffler (all with IT-SERVICES).

New AR building put into service

The new AR building was handed over to WU on September 30, 2020, and put into service immediately afterwards. Thanks to a joint effort by IG Immobilien and WU, it was possible to keep the total delays to 3 months, which was the period already known in summer. When WU took over the building, the project team moved quickly to make sure that all WU equipment was installed as fast as possible, including e.g. the kitchen elements in the lounges, access control systems, wiring, etc. They saw to it that all of the approximately 150 workstations were furnished and equipped in time and according to the project plan, which had been thoroughly revised due to the delays in the construction phase. This made it possible to carry out the relocation to the new building on schedule on October 23 and 24, 2020.

Additional adaptations and relocations

Immediately following the move to the new AR building, level 1 of the AD building was adapted and reconfigured so that the staff of the Institute for Accounting and Auditing found everything furnished and set up according to their needs when they moved in to their approximately 66 offices on November 10 and 11. The rooms that became available in the D3 building after the institute’s relocation were then in turn adapted and set up to accommodate the Department of Private Law, which moved in to the newly cleared spaces on November 29, 2020. During the same period, adaptations were also carried out in the D1, D2, D5, and EA buildings to create additional office spaces.

Team of the Month

Research and teaching are the key areas of a university’s work, and the most visible. However, the work of the administrative staff is also very important for making sure that a university can operate smoothly and successfully. The members of our administrative staff may not be as highly visible as our researchers, but it’s their commitment that provides our researchers and teaching staff with crucial services like a powerful IT infrastructure, state-of-the-art library services, effective support services for faculty and researchers, tailor-made in-house training programs, or personal support in running the day-to-day operations of an institute – all of this requires careful planning and organization. To bring some of these people into the spotlight, we are naming a Team of the Month 6 times a year to introduce selected members of the administrative personnel and reward them for their important achievements in specific projects.