These are the excellent teachers in 2021 – who will be in 2022?

Every year, WU brings lecturers and teachers who have distinguished themselves with exceptional achievements before the curtain as part of the WU Awards. The special feature: WU students are exclusively responsible for the nominations in the category “Excellent Teaching”! This year, too, you can vote for what you consider to be the best, most committed and most creative teachers from now until December 20, 2021. But who were the excellent teachers of the past year?

The last two years were marked by the pandemic and posed great challenges for all WU faculty: Time and again, teaching formats and offerings had to be adapted to the new circumstances, designed and further developed. These WU lecturers nevertheless managed to defy all difficulties and deliver excellent teaching to their students:

Award winners 2021

  • Anthony Copnall
    Department of Foreign Language Business Communication

  • Tatiana Karpukhina
    Department of Marketing

  • Clemens Kerschbaum
    Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

  • Robert Kert
    Department for public law and Tax law

  • Stefan Mayr
    Department of Socioeconomics

  • Ilse Pachlinger
    Department of Management

  • Alyssa Schneebaum
    Department of Economics

  • Martin Spitzer
    Department for Private law

  • Katharina van Bakel-Auer
    Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics

  • Markus Wabnegg
    Department of Strategy and Innovation

Congratulations to all award winners!


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Now it’s your turn: Nominate the 2022 award winners!

As a WU student, you can nominate two teachers who, in your opinion, provide excellent teaching services from now until December 20, 2021. You can cast your vote via LEARN.

After the nomination deadline, the nominations will be handed over to a jury of experts and in-house representatives who will decide on the award based on your feedback. We will of course inform you about the result of the election of the award winners as soon as the result is known! If you have any questions about the nomination process or about Excellent Teaching in general, please contact