Cross-Functional Management: What you should know about the newly designed program

Are you in your bachelor’s degree and majoring in international business administration (IBW) looking for a specialization that prepares you for an international career? Would you like to meet students from all over the world? Are you interested in finance, marketing and strategy? Then the newly designed Cross-Functional Management (CFM) program is just right for you.

The English-taught program comprises 40 ECTS credits and replaces two specializations (SBWLs) for IBW students. With its three core fields Financial Management, Marketing Management and Strategic Management & Strategic Leadership, CFM offers a versatile education in central business areas. This allows you to specialize in different topics, rather than choosing one particular subject. Intercultural learning completes the program, as international students from WU partner universities attend the majority of courses. You will thus work in international teams most of the time. In addition, CFM courses offer a high degree of flexibility when it comes to credit transfer from your exchange semester.

The Program was relaunched in winter semester 2020/21. Daniel Wettstaedt is part of the first cohort and talks about his experience so far.

WU Blog: Why did you choose CFM as a specialization?

Daniel Wettstaedt: The answer to that is quite simple. With its three Core Fields and several different PIs to choose from, CFM offers a very broad range for a specialization. The variety of electives was also very appealing to me and they allow for leeway in the credit transfer of courses from an exchange semester. In addition, the comfort of having to complete only one specialization instead of two was quite convincing to me.

WU Blog: What do you find particularly interesting about the newly designed version of the program?

Daniel Wettstaedt: Apart from the numerous choices in many courses, which I already mentioned, I also find the division into fewer courses (than in the previous program) that are worth more ECTS credits very student-friendly.

“If you are looking for a specialization with a focus on one of the Core Fields, CFM most definitely is the right choice.”

WU Blog: What experiences have you made in the courses so far?

Daniel Wettstaedt: Without exception only positive experiences! I’ve completed the AG “Working in Diverse Teams” and I am just about to finish the VUE “Financial Management“, as well as the VUE “Marketing Management”. Furthermore, I already started my PI in the Core Field of Marketing. Everybody – every professor and every tutor of the respective courses, as well as the coordinators of the CFM program – was highly dedicated and incredibly helpful! This makes studying a lot more pleasant and is highly motivating.

WU Blog: Were you able to meet international students through the program?

Daniel Wettstaedt: Yes, to my very own surprise I connected with quite a few exchange students, despite mostly having distance teaching.

“Having a broad knowledge in all core areas of business certainly does not hurt. Being open-minded and interested always gives you a head start.”

WU Blog: Would you recommend other students to apply for the CFM program?

Daniel Wettstaedt: Definitely! Interesting Core Fields, a wide selection of electives, dedicated professors, several credit transfer opportunities after an exchange semester, many international students, and not to forget the possibility of a project seminar in your preferred field – who wouldn’t want that? If you are looking for a specialization with a focus on one of the Core Fields (Finance, Marketing or Strategic Management and Leadership), CFM most definitely is the right choice.

WU Blog: What can you learn from the CFM program for your future studies and career?

Daniel Wettstaedt: Having a broad knowledge in all core areas of business certainly does not hurt. Being open-minded and interested always gives you a head start. Heard too often but still holds true: “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Interested? Here are the CFM program’s key facts:

Program structure

In each Core Field, you will attend an introductory VUE and a PI that focuses on more specific topics (e.g. International Mergers and Acquisitions, Consumer Psychology, Advanced Strategic Leadership/Management). Depending on your interests, you will also choose a project seminar in a Core Field. In the course of this seminar, you may also write your Bachelor thesis. In addition, electives from a wide range of subjects are available to you. At the very beginning of the CFM program, you will attend the AG “Working in Diverse Teams”. There, you will not only get to know your colleagues, but also learn more about the role of diversity in business and society.

Application requirements and process

In order to apply for CFM, you must have successfully completed the Introductory and Orientation Phase (STEOP) and at least 27 ECTS from the CBK (including AMC I, AMC II, Business in the Legal Context – Private Business Law I, Business Information Systems I and Statistics). In addition, you must have completed EBC 1 with a grade of at least “satisfactory”.

In CFM, there is no entrance exam, but you register via LPIS. Students are selected based on their EBC 1 grade, their grade criterion (best 27 ECTS) and their overall grade point average. You can find all the information about the CFM program here. For the summer semester 2021, you can apply starting January 26, 2021.