Let’s make Campus WU a little greener!

Do you already bring your own reusable food box, coffee-to-go cups, and cutlery when eating on WU campus? Not yet? The time is now: Start now and make WU and the world a little greener with the tips from the GreenBuddies.

Bring food from home

Inexpensive, guaranteed tasty, fresh and above all sustainable: It’s best to bring your lunch from home. But what kind of reusable food boxes are best?

We recommend leak-proof food boxes – your notes and your laptop will be happy about it. Foldable food boxes also fit easily into almost any bag. We prefer dishwasher- and microwave-safe material. But no matter if it’s a cucumber jar, mom’s Tupperware or the washed-out ice cream box: Every box made of light, durable and long-lasting material is fine!

Buying food on Campus WU

The restaurants and bars on Campus WU are happy to fill your purchased food and beverages into the food boxes and containers you bring along. Even though many of you already bring your own boxes, there is still a lot of garbage that accumulates every day. With a little preparation, you can help to make the campus a little greener.

Furthermore, it is no problem to bring your own cutlery to the restaurants on campus. And the food tastes much better with real cutlery than with plastic cutlery!

Bring your own drinks

Enjoying a coffee or tea with friends between learning sessions – breaks are important for the brain and concentration. But does it really have to be a disposable cup? Are there reusable coffee-to-go cups as alternatives?

Using a reusable coffee cup is not only a statement for sustainability and responsibility, but also a great way to express your individuality. Be creative and find the right coffee cup for you! We like our coffee cups to be leak-proof, dishwasher safe and made of sustainable and durable materials. Please note, however, that some coffee machines at Campus WU are only suitable for a normal-sized cup.

Our tip: In building TC, room -1.62 you can easily clean your reusable coffee cups after use at your own sink.

Reusable cups, anyone?

But also if you only want to enjoy coffee or tea on WU campus from time to time: With the returnable cup system (from the vending machine in front of the TC), you can borrow a coffee cup for only 1€ and return it. The environment will thank you.

Drink some water!

Austrian water is of the highest quality. There are more than 20 drinking fountains on the WU campus – the easiest way to find the one closest to you is to search for “drinking fountain” here. But don’t forget to bring your own water bottle.