Top 10 Q and As: ISU WU for WU Students 2020

For the first time, the international-oriented ISUWU undergraduate program 2020 will be opened for WU students who intended to apply for a Joint ISU program. Lisa Enzminger studies International Business Administration at WU, attended a Joint ISU program herself and is currently working as a program assistant for international short and summer university programs at WU’s International Office. In the following, she will be answering the top ten most important questions about this year’s ISUWU.

WU Blog: What is the ISUWU and who can participate in this program?

Lisa: The International Summer University WU (in short ISUWU) is a short program at WU, organized by WU. There are two available sessions, each three weeks long. For over 30 years now, the summer program attracts international Bachelor, Master and MBA students from WU partner universities. This means, in numbers, that over 200 participants gain international experience at ISUWU each summer. For the first time in summer 2020, WU bachelor students who intended to participate in a Joint ISU this year, are welcome to join the undergraduate program of the ISUWU.

WU Blog: How can I expect the program to be organized? Do I have to attend the courses on campus?

Lisa: We have decided to organize the ISUWU program and its courses in a distance-learning format because of the COVID-19 developments and its measures. We try our best to go through with an attractive program after all, even though there is a lack of personal contact to lecturers and fellow students.

WU Blog: Do you plan to hold an extra-curricular program?

Lisa: We will keep the focus on the academic program. However, we do plan additional program points, but they depend on the technical limits and time restrictions we have to face.

WU Blog: How do you communicate all necessary program information and details?

Lisa: We will forward all necessary information to all participants before the program starts. Additionally, we will organize a virtual webinar-like preparatory session for all students.

WU Blog: How can I apply for the program, what do I have to prepare?

Lisa: WU students can register using our online platform. They need to pick 2 courses per chosen session (July, August). Additionally, we ask all students to upload their CV and a statement of purpose indicating their initial plans of attending a Joint ISU and their reasons for wanting to participate in the ISUWU program.

Please note: On the last registration day, students need to submit their registration until 12 noon at the latest. We will contact all students about their status via email.

WU Blog: Do I need to register for one or both sessions? Can I pick one single course as well?

Lisa: All interested students can register for one or two sessions – our July and/or August Session. They cannot register for one course only.

WU Blog: How much does the program cost for WU students?

Lisa: WU students do not pay any fees for the program and the courses involved.

WU Blog: How many ECTS-credits can I earn by attending the program?

Lisa: After successful completion of one session, students can earn 8 ECTS credits, which is the same amount of ECTS-credits students would receive by completing a Joint ISU program. If students complete both sessions successfully, 16 ECTS credits can be earned.

WU Blog: Can I get credits transferred towards my WU curriculum?

Lisa: Yes, students can get courses accredited at WU. International Courses and free electives are always possible. Additionally we have published further course transfer options on our website.

WU Blog:I am an IBW major. Can I get a part of my IBW international experience confirmed as well by attending the ISUWU?

Lisa: Yes, just like the Joint ISUs, the ISUWU program can be confirmed as part of the IBW international experience. Either 8 ECTS-credits for the successful completion of one session or 16 ECTS-credits for both sessions.