“An outstanding and diverse learning experience”

Ioannis, student of the Master’s Program Supply Chain Management at WU Vienna

Ioannis arrived from Athens, Greece to start his master’s in Supply Chain Management at WU Vienna in October of 2019. Holding a Master in Engineering (M.Eng) in Geomatics Engineering, Ioannis decided that a Master in Supply Chain Management would grant him the appropriate knowledge of how to analyze and tackle complex supply chain problems.

The English-taught Master’s Program in Supply Chain Management of WU Vienna was the perfect fit for Ioannis as its transdisciplinary perspective combined with the usage of state -of-the art methods and techniques would enable him to gain a solid foundation of supply chain processes extending from managing information technology to enabling logistics processes and designing supply chain strategies. The international character of the program and the opportunity to study together with other students coming from all over the world was another reason of why the Master’s Program in Supply Chain Management of WU Vienna was an ideal choice for Ioannis’ academic path.

Additionally, Ioannis wanted to study in a renowned university that could be trusted and appreciated by future international employers but also hosts outstanding academic personnel. WU Vienna holds an excellent reputation worldwide, something that can be seen from its results in major university rankings. Especially, WU Vienna’s Master’s Program in Supply Chain Management holds the 3rd place globally and the 1st place in Europe in QS Programs Rankings for 2021.

Furthermore, Ioannis wanted to gain useful insights in core concepts of Supply Chain Management like Operations Management, Operational Research and Supply Management. Having a geographic background, Ioannis was eager to learn more about Geographic Information Systems for Transport and Logistics, a core course that shows the diverse learning experience that the Master’s Program in Supply Chain Management has to offer to its student prospects.

Finally, Ioannis can also individualize his studies as he can choose two out of six specializations areas based on his interests, extending from Business Analytics in Supply Chains to Supply Chain Finance & Risks and from Location Analytics to Transport & Logistics.