“I’m part of the best student club in the world”

Moritz Zinnecker, Master Student CEM at WU Vienna

The closer I got to my bachelor’s degree, the more I was overwhelmed by the opportunities regarding my academic future. I was looking for an academically challenging program that would prepare me well for my career, guarantee international exposure and has a great community at the same time. It didn’t take long before International Management/CEMS caught my attention and opting for this program was one of the best decisions I every made!

Deciding on which master’s to pursue is a tough decision. Today’s exposure to a global spectrum of opportunities does not necessarily make the decision any easier. For me, the decisive criteria, which program to opt for, were the following: international exposure, academic challenges, career opportunities and having a great time, simultaneously. Therefore, CEMS was the obvious choice!

Consisting of 33 schools all over the world, the CEMS community offers a one-of-a-kind international education. Not only through the compulsory semester abroad, but also by offering opportunities to visit other universities for various forums and career fairs, international exposure is on the students’ daily menu.

Being highly ranked in various remunerated ratings (e.g. economist, FT), CEMS is recognized as one of the best academic educations in international management. For me, especially the practical relevance and hand-on projects were decisive for choosing this program.

CEMS has more than 70 corporate and social partners active in various industries and a very strong bond to its alumni. Thus, informal get-togethers with some of the most prestigious companies become normality. Rotation dinners, alumni circles, skill seminars and many more events ensure that students have complete transparency when choosing their optimal career path.

Last and most importantly, CEMS is a collective of incredibly smart and fun people. The CEMS Club Vienna is one of the most active clubs in the CEMS community, organizing more than 40 events every semester. Offering all kinds of events, the CEMS community grows together in a very short time. The combination of working on challenging projects and having an amazing time off is unique and I never met a community that became so cohesive in such a short time.