“WU is like Hogwarts on a spaceship”

Valeriia, student of the Master’s Program Quantitaive Finance at WU Vienna

I have been living in Vienna for almost six years already and had never regretted moving here for her study. WU was my first and only choice, since it was well known for its excellent and unique studying programs across Europe and even in Russia, where I am from. In comparison with all other universities in Austria WU has this fresh vibe combined with years of experience and wisdom. It’s like Hogwarts in a spaceship. And I mean it. The new campus literally looks like a spaceship and is a place of worship for all architecture lovers coming to Vienna.

Although the studying was hard sometimes (most of the times, to be honest), it was totally worth it, and in the long run I can feel all advantages of graduating WU. And studying there was always fun. The library is so well known among students for its “perfect for studying hard ambience” that you can meet a lot of people not only from the WU, but also from all other universities of Vienna, and it’s a really good opportunity to get to know other students, because nothing brings us closer than suffering together. Or drinking, and WU offers many options for after school activities as well. Except from the supermarket, which is your first choice especially in summer, when you can chill on wooden platforms in front of it and enjoy the sun, there are restaurants and cafes with all kind of different cuisine, like Austrian, Chinese or Oriental one.

You might think that most of time I’ve spent on campus and you would be right, but the city has something to offer as well. I love Vienna, because it is the perfect mix of the exciting students’ city and calm and safe old European capital. It has a bit of everything for everyone, even very picky person with many bars and clubs, and at the same time an intense cultural program with continuously changing exhibitions and festivals. And of course, there are many places to go during a week, like old traditional Viennese or young and hipster coffeeshops.