“We are impressed by the CEMS graduates’ high level of motivation, commitment, and outstanding performance.”

Christian Legény, Partner, zeb

zeb takes great pride in having been an official CEMS Corporate Partner since 2017 and we believe that this time has been a tremendous success. Not only did we cooperate with CEMS and WU in offering several Skill Seminars, co-hosting lectures, organizing events at our Vienna office, etc. – we are also pleased to have met and accompanied so many talented and ambitious CEMS students during their time at WU over the last years.

We are very happy to regularly welcome CEMS students as permanent employees and interns in our zeb family. Looking ahead, we aim to stay just as active in our cooperation with CEMS as in previous years.

“Working with CEMS students has always been a fun and enriching experience for us. We are impressed by the students’ high level of motivation, commitment and outstanding performance – in particular in the delivery of their business project assignments”