BYOB – Bring your own box (and save the planet)

A quick cup of coffee between two classes, accompanied by a fast snack (wrapped in plastic) – what sounds like a daily lunch routine for many WU students during the semester is a serious problem for our planet. Huge amounts of single-use dishes and cups are thrown away on Campus WU every day. To help combat this problem, WU’s Environmental Management team is introducing the Bring-Your-Own-Box reward card (BYOB) this October. What does this mean? If you bring your own reusable container to pick up food at the restaurants on Campus WU, you can earn a free WU coffee-to-go cup!

Every week, huge amounts of single-use coffee cups and food containers are thrown away on WU’s campus. If everyone brought their own reusable containers when buying food at the restaurants on campus, the waste would be reduced enormously! The WU Environmental Management team recognized this problem and decided to push for a change: The restaurants, cafes, and food trucks on Campus WU will be happy to put their delicious food and beverages in your reusable containers. And they’re not the only ones who will be happy – you will be, too! If you bring your own container eight times, and get your reward card stamped each time between 14 and 31 October, 2019, you will receive a free reusable WU coffee-to-go cup!

How does the BYOB reward card work?

Reward cards are issued directly by the restaurants on Campus WU (Das Campus, Mensa, Library-Cafe, Baschly, and Kung WU) and at the LC Infopoint, or you can simply download and print it here. Next time you’re hungry, bring your own reusable box, get your reward card stamped each time, and when your reward card is full (eight stamps), you can pick up your free reusable WU coffee-to-go cup at the LC Infopoint. Find more information here.

PS: The rumors about being served smaller portions when you bring reusable containers is not true. Just make sure your container is big enough!

Are you thirsty?

There’s no need to drink sugary, overpriced drinks in plastic bottles. Austria has very pure, high quality drinking water and there are 20 public drinking fountains on Campus WU. Not only that, there’s even a special sink for washing your reusable coffee cups in the TC building, room -1.62.