Internationalize your studies in summer 2022

International Short Programs (ISPs) are an attractive option when it comes to combining academic and intercultural experiences. Students benefit from blocked course weeks and a setting that allows them to focus on business topics and work in international teams. The learning process is accompanied by a social framework that provides space for exchange and friendship. In an interview for WU’s Blog, the program managers Christina Kampe and Johannes Bochsbichler present the international short programs in detail.

WU Blog: What are International Short Programs (ISPs), anyway? How do the individual programs differ from each other?

Christina Kampe: ISPs are international short programs organized by or in cooperation with WU. The programs take only a few weeks and the courses, which all have an international focus and cover a variety of topics, are offered in blocked modules.

Intensive academic program with added international benefits

Johannes Bochsbichler: In general, the International Short Programs offered can be divided into three groups: ISPs abroad take place in a foreign country. This year, these programs include Summer Schools organized by WU in Porto, Bangkok, and St. Petersburg. ISPs at WU are held at our campus. This summer, ISUWU will be held in presence mode. ISPs online are organized in a distance-learning format. This summer, for example, we are offering the Vienna Summer School of Responsible Entrepreneurship.

WU Blog: The offer of ISPs abroad sounds attractive. How are these programs structured and what makes them unique?

Christina Kampe: This year, we are offering ISPs abroad in Bangkok, St. Petersburg, and Porto. In addition to a group of WU students, students from the partner university also take part in the courses. The programs are taught by faculty from both participating universities. ISPs abroad have a duration of 3 weeks and are usually worth 8 ECTS credits. The programs are an ideal way to accelerate your studies and gain international experience.

Johannes Bochsbichler: In addition to the intensive academic program, participants of ISPs abroad naturally have the opportunity to get to know the host country and the local culture. Various activities and trips are offered. Through joint events with the partner university, the international student groups can exchange ideas with each other – often resulting in new friendships.

WU Blog: How can you apply for an ISP? What requirements do you have to fulfill?

Christina Kampe: In order to apply for an ISP, bachelor’s students must have completed courses of at least 38 ECTS credits (excluding free electives). The application requirement for master’s students is admission to a master’s program at WU. This year, WU students can apply online between March 1 and March 10, 2022. Applicants can indicate 2 ISP preferences. Apart from a CV in English, you have to upload a separate letter of motivation (also in English) for each program.

Take your first step towards an international career

Johannes Bochsbichler: After the application deadline, we will review the documents of all applicants. For the Summer Schools in Porto, Bangkok and St. Petersburg, additional group interviews will be conducted. Then, we will rank and assign students to the programs based on certain criteria (motivation and interest in the program, English language skills, teamwork skills and intercultural competence, academic performance).

WU Blog: How does an ISP abroad benefit your personal development? Which advantage does it bring students for their studies and career?

Johannes Bochsbichler: In the course of my bachelor’s studies, I was able to participate in three ISPs myself. The experiences I had really enriched my studies. In addition to the academic aspects, I was excited about getting to know new people and different cultures. Participating in an ISP helps to broaden your own horizons and strengthens your intercultural skills. I can therefore only recommend taking the opportunity and participating in an ISP!

Christina Kampe: Through the exchange with international students, teachers and company representatives, students can also build an international network and thus take the first step towards an international career.

WU Blog: You are involved in the organization and planning of the ISPs. What are you most looking forward to in summer 2022?

Christina Kampe: In the last two years, our ISPs either did not take place at all or were held in an online format due to Covid-19. Now, we are really looking forward to personal exchange with the students. It is motivating to be able to design the various programs of our ISPs and accompany them to a certain degree.

Johannes Bochsbichler: Since we plan and prepare the programs throughout the year, I am always pleased when the programs can take place as planned and you can tell from the students’ feedback that you have done a good job. I also think it is great that we have a very diverse program this year. There are numerous possibilities and there is certainly something for all students!

Good to know:

  • Financial support: For ISPs abroad, students receiving federal study grants can receive a separate scholarship (“WU mobility grant“). Five such grants are available for each of the programs in Bangkok, Porto, and St. Petersburg.
  • Involved cost: The “Program Fee” of most programs includes comprehensive services, such as course fees and course materials, a social and intercultural program, and meals during the course days. In some programs, accommodation is also included. For you, this means cost efficiency as well as less organization and planning effort.
  • Contact and help: For ISPs, you have contact persons at the partner university and at the International Office of WU. If you need support, there is always someone who can help you out. If you have any questions, feel free to contact
  • Recognition of achievements: The academic program is intensive and optimally planned for the course weeks. Since most programs are pre-screened, you don’t have to worry about course recognition.

International Short Programs (ISPs) at a glance:

  • ISPs abroad usually last 3 weeks and are worth 8 ECTS credits.
  • Up to 20 WU students can participate in an ISP abroad.
  • In 2022, there are 3 different ISP programs abroad organized by WU in cooperation with partners (Bangkok, St. Petersburg and Porto)
  • Up to 4 students can participate in the program of Singapore Management University.
  • ISPs at the Campus WU: in 2022, WU students can attend the International Summer University WU together with up to 150 participants from all over the world.
  • 2 ISPs in online format: the Vienna Summer School of Responsible Entrepreneurship (in cooperation with the Entrepreneurship Center of WU) and the summer program of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Apply in March via Online Services for Students.

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