5 things you should know before applying for a semester abroad

During your studies, a stay abroad is a profitable experience in many respects: You will get to know a different academic environment, make new contacts and broaden your own intercultural horizon. No wonder that international experience is highly appreciated by many employers. WU’s International Office supports you in all matters related to international studies.

Please note: In the winter semester 2020/21, all application periods will take place as planned. However, the International Office draws attention to the COIVD-19 circumstances and points out that there may still be travel restrictions in winter semester 2021/22.

1. The application: How do I apply for an exchange place?

 You can find the current application dates for a stay abroad on the International Office webpage Dates and Deadlines. Please note: you can only apply within the application period. Keep in mind that there are different application periods for bachelor and master students. If you are looking for further information on how to apply, you can find it under the tab “Study internationally“.

2. Small group advisory meetings and workshops

The International Office organizes small group advisory meeting and workshops, which differ in content according to study level and exchange phase. In the respective sessions, you will learn everything about the application process and the process after the nomination. There is also a “Welcome Back!” consultation for your return after your stay abroad.

In cooperation with WU’s ZBP Career Center, workshops on the topic of writing a motivation letter are offered. Here, you will learn writing techniques that are universally applicable – for example, when applying for a job or a semester abroad.

3. Keyword grants: What should I know?

 If the International Office nominated you for a stay abroad, you are also eligible for a grant. In a mandatory information session in the semester before your exchange, you will receive more detailed information on how the whole process works. All participants will be invited by mail.

4. Exchange reports: Where can I read up on experiences of other students?

First of all, you can find plenty of authentic student stories here on the WU Blog. Beside the Instagram page and the Facebook page, the International Office has a website called “International experiences at WU and abroad“. There, you can find beautiful photos and exciting stories about exchange and internationality. Of course, you can also find numerous exchange reports via the online services for students.

5. Personal consultation: Who can help me if I have questions?

The best place to get help is the International Office. Consultations are available by phone, e-mail, Microsoft teams or in person – if the COIVD-19 circumstances allow it! Due to the current situation, we recommend that you raise your concerns by phone or email. If you still want to come by in person, you can do so with an appointment during our opening hours.

WU student Christina Kampe spent a semester abroad in Norway. Aside the lecture hall, there was also a lot to discover.

Christina Kampe: “Spending a semester at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Norway is just beautiful and there is always something to explore – regardless of season or weather. In summer, you can jump into the Oslofjord to cool down after class while the darkness in winter is perfect for seeing Northern Lights. Living abroad is such a unique and valuable experience. Not only do the challenges you face teach you a lot about yourself, you can also learn another language and have the possibility to experience a different culture first-hand.”

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