“QFin gave me access to a great community. I built friendships for life that still last even though we are now working in different companies, industries, and countries.”

Ljiljana Zeljkovic, Vice President, European Advisory Group, BNP Paribas Corporate & Institutional Banking

When choosing my master’s studies, I knew that it would be important to select a programme that would equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge for a competitive and changing financial services industry. In the Master of Quantitative Finance (QFin), I saw exactly this: a programme that would both differentiate me and provide me with broad job opportunities in the future. I also appreciated the flexibility that the curriculum offered, allowing me to choose between an Industry Track (with access to reputable companies and financial institutions) and a Science Track (for growth within a strong academic network).

After my bachelor’s studies in European Economics and Business in Serbia, the transition to the QFin programme wasn’t necessarily easy. However, whilst there were many new things to learn, these challenges made me think, approach and solve problems in a way I didn’t before. Moreover, whilst the two-year curriculum was admittedly intense, QFin provided a great community that, with its international students from diverse backgrounds, always felt very close-knit. Through our time together, we not only supported each other in studying but also built real friendships for life – friendships that still last whilst we are in different companies, industries and countries.

Not only does the QFin continue to provide a strong academic education, but it also uses its reputation to help students gain valuable work experience through internships within the financial services industry. I gained valuable insights into Erste Asset Management and Sberbank, after which I started working for Raiffeisen’s Investment Banking (M&A) team. After three years with Raiffeisen, I then moved to BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking in London where I am currently a Vice President executing M&A transactions in an investment banking advisory role.

I think that this just goes to show how broad and international future career opportunities after QFin programme and WU Wien are – together providing great preparation for professional career in the financial services industry.