“I want to make a career in IT consulting”

Katsiaryna, interested in the Master’s Program on the Digital Economy at WU Vienna

When I did my bachelor’s in business informatics in Belarus, I knew right from the start that I wanted to continue studying IT and business and acquire this unique blend of skills that’s so sought-after in the labor market. I chose the Digital Economy MSc because I wanted to seize the opportunity to learn how to realize business ideas with the help of modern tools and the latest information technologies.

Despite my work experience as an IT consultant, I previously lacked the advanced knowledge I would have needed to take on managerial roles in IT projects, for example about the technical implementation of digital business models, developing system architectures, and assessing demand for new technologies. So my primary reason for selecting this program is that it offers me the opportunity to study all of this in just 2 years. Managing teams and projects is also a crucial part of the program. These skills are taught both from theoretical and practical perspectives.

I expect the program to teach me about the process of innovation that starts at the intersection of organizational requirements, technological capabilities, and human needs. Successful entrepreneurship begins with the person and their needs, and then the technological capabilities come into play, together with the business requirements needed to evaluate the potential for success of any innovative project. IT law is also part of the program, providing students with the basic knowledge of the legal aspects of any business activity.

In the MSc Program on the Digital Economy, I hope to gain all the knowledge and skills that are highly sought-after in today’s market.