“I love the international environment.“

Andreas, student of the Bachelor’s Program BBE at WU Vienna

I applied for BBE because the program looks at the underlying forces of the economy, while also closely examining the details of business. Specific course formats are tailored to each subject: In Business Planning, we learned how to create our own start-up in small groups, while in Quantitative Methods, we had weekly labs to complement our lectures. Every lecture is very interactive. Unlike many other programs, BBE does not focus on the exact workings of a single country but instead highlights the factors that make the economy tick all around the world.

The international outlook and environment is what made the program stand out to me. I wanted to focus on the big picture during my bachelor’s, enabling me to study or work outside Austria and not be limited to one country. BBE provides a truly international study environment with people from a variety of different countries and backgrounds, all while offering me the opportunity to study in the most livable city in the world: Vienna. WU also has a fabulous campus and regularly hosts an array of events, all of which are free.