“The program’s practical and case-based approach prepared me well for my work in consultancy”

Maximilian Egenhöfer, Consultant at Boston Consulting Group

For me, choosing my master’s program at WU Vienna was a conscious and long process. I was determined to get on the right track for my future professional career.

After finishing high school, I decided to start my bachelor’s studies in Business Administration at the Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich. Over the first few semesters, I focused more and more on the strategic and innovative topics in my curriculum. During this phase, I also had initial contact with strategy consultancies and in particular with Boston Consulting.

When considering a master’s program, my ambition was driven by these thematic experiences as a bachelor’s student and by a number of internships in consulting I had completed.

There were three selection criteria for my master’s studies, namely: content (strategy, innovation), academic excellence, and a focus on teamwork and case studies. SIMC ticked all three of these boxes. In hindsight, the program was the perfect combination of my fields of interest, and the practical and case-study-based approach prepared me well for my future work in consultancy. But even more importantly, I enjoyed being part of the SIMC student community. This awesome community offers numerous opportunities to interact with companies/the industry and fosters strong relationships among students and friendships for life. What should also not be overlooked are the excellent studying conditions offered at WU – an outstanding mixture of academic excellence (with high placements in e.g. FT Rankings) as well as an ideal environment for studying (infrastructure on campus as well as Vienna itself, the most liveable city in the world).

SIMC prepared me perfectly for my professional career as a consultant for Boston Consulting in Munich.