Team of the Month 09/18: Well-Being@WU Project Team

The overall well-being of all WU employees is especially important to our September Team of the Month, the Well-Being@WU project team consisting of Stefanie Ilmer, Anna Jaschek-Langthaler, and Claudia Kopfschlägel. With their commitment to Occupational Health Management (OHM), they want to increase well-being at work for everyone at WU. Launched in May of 2017, the project focuses on further developing a culture of health awareness at WU and enhancing the quality of life in the workplace.

The first step in the project was to set up a steering group, followed by the establishment of six working groups responsible for developing and eventually implementing measures addressing a variety of issues. The project’s current key areas are establishing a culture of mindfulness, healthy leadership, employee reintegration after long-term sick leave, age management, healthy food on campus, and OHM communications.

When setting up the working groups, the team paid particular attention to recruiting a diverse mix of colleagues from a wide variety of units and with a wide variety of functions, to make sure the groups were as representative and well-balanced as possible. According to Anna Jaschek-Langthaler, project head of Well-Being@WU, “In addition to being able to work in such an important field, it is particularly gratifying that we have employees from many different areas and employee groups. We work in mixed teams, with representatives of both academic and administrative staff from various hierarchical levels: This really broadens your perspective of ‘our’ WU and requires a lot of mutual understanding.”

“The wide variety of different tasks required by a project like this – starting with organizational matters, setting up a SharePoint page and other communications-related activities, all the way through to planning and conducting the ABI Plus™ survey – all of these things shake up our daily routine and provide interesting new aspects. Although it is very time-intensive, the OHM project has enriched our working life, especially because of our personal interest in the topic itself,” the team reports.

For the results of the ABI Plus™ survey (expected to be released in October 2018) and further news and details about the OHM project, please see the Well-Being@WU SharePoint page (in German).