PICMET 2018: An incredible journey!

Hi, my name is Carlotta and one year ago I graduated from WU Msc Marketing program (gosh time flies!) My experience at WU was an amazing, fulfilling adventure and it ended with the biggest challenge of my academic career: writing my master thesis. Under the supervision and expert guidance of Hon. Prof. Dkfm. Dr. R. Hasenauer, I collaborate with the Academy of Science and two Austrian senior homes networks (Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten Wohnhäuser and (Alten- und Pflegeheime der Kreuzschwestern GmbH) to work on “the pre-adoption of Socially Assistive Robots in elderly care through Agent Based Modelling”. A lot of work? Yes but, as it turned out, it was totally worthy.

At the end of my master thesis project, professor Hasenauer suggests me to apply with a research paper to Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET). PICMET was born in 1989 as non-profit organization to promote research and disseminate knowledge on a new, revolutionary field of study: technology management. With the growing interest and importance of this field of study, PICMET became an annual conference, held at different locations in the world, and a point of reference for discussing new ideas, trend and future entrepreneurial challenges. Our paper was accepted and just like this we were ready to depart.

  “One usually thinks that the master thesis is the end of journey, but, thinking back at the last year, I realize it was only the beginning.”

PICMET 2018 was held in Waikiki (Hawaii) from 19th to 23rd August and focused on technological enterpreneurship as the engine for economic growth. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed; nevertheless, the conference dynamism and intellectual power was tangible.  Every morning, there were key speakers lessons on strategy in entrepreneurial setting, innovation in the AI world, scientists’ role in leading the change, creativity and genius. Under the umbrella of the conference main theme, all aspects of technology management were investigated. The conference was, in fact, articulated in a multiplicity of sessions lasting approximately 1h, in which 3 or 4 speakers addressed a particular topic.

My presentation was scheduled in the “Technology Management in Healthcare” session and was followed (few days later) by a distinguished lecture of professor Hasenauer on social assistive robots. I was honoured to present my work at PICMET and proud to meet people interested in my findings. I had the chance to discuss future steps with researchers and experts of the field, meet fellow students from all over the world and attend stimulating lessons in a wonderful setting. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Hasenauer for this opportunity and all the support, suggestions, teachings. I could not have hoped for a better guide.

I came back full of friends, memories and dreams, and nothing would have happen without WU experience.  One usually thinks that the master thesis is the end of journey, but, thinking back at the last year, I realize it was only the beginning.