„It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about new topics, get a taste of exchange and meet new people.”

ECOL, the new online exchange initiative, started in the beginning of winter semester 2021/22. Together with six renowned European partner universities, WU has created a joint online course offer, which benefits bachelor students. Within the ECOL network, each institution offers online courses and reserves a fixed number of spots for students from participating universities. For the WU Blog, participants and WU students Maximilian Götz and Daniel Schiel shared their experiences with us.

WU Blog: How did you learn about the ECOL initiative and what encouraged you to apply?

Maximilian Götz: I found out about the ECOL initiative through WU’s Instagram channel and decided to apply since I had already participated in the CBS-HSG-WU Online Course Initiative the previous semester and had already enjoyed this a lot.

Daniel Schiel: Several aspects convinced me to apply for ECOL courses. First, the possibility to have my chosen course, namely Corporate Finance, to be recognized as Finance at WU. Second, I had already been part of another online initiative twice, which gave me the opportunity to take exams at both CBS and HSG. This made me appreciate international experiences even more. So when I found out about ECOL, I really wanted to be part of it.

„I would definitely recommend ECOL to every single WU student. Overall, it has been an experience that has stood out in my studies up until now.“

WU Blog: At which partner university do you engage in an online learning experience? What is your interest in the academic program?

Maximilian Götz: I participate in a course at the University of St. Gallen. The course is titled International Management and fits the specializations in my field of study quite well.

Daniel Schiel: I am taking a course in corporate finance at Bocconi University. The best thing about the course is that it has 8 ECTS credits, which allows the course to go more into depth. Parts of the course are also two case studies, which explain well how theory can be applied in the “real” world. Furthermore, group projects help to establish international connections as well as friendships.

WU Blog: What is it like to participate in a “European international classroom”? What is motivational about learning in an international setting?

Maximilian Götz: It is a wonderful experience since students from different countries take part in the course with me. This allows me to learn a lot from and about them – especially with regard to their personal backgrounds and culture. Being able to analyze business contexts from different perspectives as a group of international students is highly fascinating.

WU Blog: Would you recommend participation in the ECOL initiative to fellow students?

Maximilian Götz: I would definitely recommend ECOL to every single WU student. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about new topics, get a taste of exchange, and meet new people. Overall, it has been an experience that has stood out in my studies.

Daniel Schiel: Absolutely! In this day and age, many talk about being different and standing out to be successful. ECOL is a perfect start. Plus, you can make friends from all over Europe.

If one is interested in studying for a Master’s degree at another university, this is a chance to take a look at the learning environment that Bocconi, for example, has to offer. Furthermore, you can also get courses recognized, which is why I highly recommend it to any internationally interested student.

Good to know

  • Between November 3 and November 14 (11:59pm), 2021, bachelor students can apply for courses of the ECOL initiative in the summer semester 2022.
  • To apply, applicants need at least 38 ECTS credits (excluding free electives).
  • In the summer semester 2022, online courses can be taken at the following European partner universities: Aalto University, Bocconi University, Ramon Llull University – ESADE, University of St. Gallen (HSG), RSM Rotterdam School of Management.

Internationality and global mindset

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