“I’m always eager to challenge myself.”

Sofie Marie Schuh, SIMC Intake 2018:

Choosing a master’s program wasn’t an easy decision for me. I knew that I wanted to see the big picture about companies, their strategies, and visions rather than focusing only on a single element. I’m also interested in many different fields, and I’m always eager to challenge myself in new areas. In SIMC, diversification is encouraged and embraced, and learning and being interested in different fields is supported.

The SIMC community is also extraordinary. SIMCies are one big family, including current students, alumni, and faculty, making up a network of supportive and cooperative people pushing each other to unfold their full potential.

Another key factor for me was the possibility to focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Courses like Entrepreneurial Finance or the Garage Course have helped me to learn and walk through the processes of starting my own venture in a secure environment. Participating in the Entrepreneurship Avenue program has also allowed me to get involved in the Austrian startup scene and to visit startup hubs like Silicon Valley.

SIMC has taught me to manage my time efficiently, prioritize, get things done, and put my ideas into practice. I’m thankful for all the inspiring individuals I have met and all the opportunities the program has given me. I’m already looking forward to my double degree program in Milan and the new adventures it will bring.