“The quantitative toolbox I acquired during my studies turned out to be extremely valuable.”

Guadalupe Landa Rosas, Head of Group Corporate Credit Risk Management II, Raiffeisen Bank International

I am currently leading a team of Risk Managers with focus on Trade Finance and Asset Based Financing. My main responsibilities include the final recommendation for credit decisions based on the risk assessment performed by my team, monitoring the performance of the portfolios we are responsible for, as well as the implementation of models which facilitate the analysis of such portfolios.

As an Industrial Engineer, I had a strong mathematical background but lack in financial knowledge. Due to my engineering background and my interest in the financial sector, I was looking for a program with strong quantitative and finance curriculum. That is how I found the Qfin program to perfectly fit my needs. The program offered me the necessary qualifications to connect my engineering skills with the advanced education in numerical analysis for finance.

For me personally, it was very important that the program provides practical education which would support me to pursue an international career in finance. What I found very valuable at the WU program are the possibilities for students to choose between a Science and an Industry Track, for which you can specialize already during your studies and at the same time get in contact with the financial industry.

My current job requires strong quantitative, analytical, modelling and programming understanding in order to be able to make responsible decisions. Therefore, the quantitative tools I learned during my studies turned out to be extremely valuable when implementing theoretical models in practice.

Finally, something I especially appreciated is that the program only accepts a limited number of students per year, which provides the elected students with a personalized education and higher interaction possibilities with the faculty.

The professors at the WU are very well connected to the Austrian finance industry and therefore the program provides students with the right exposure and opportunities to find good jobs.