Bachelor Business and Economics in a nutshell

WU offers a new bachelor’s program: the English-taught Bachelor’s Program in Business and Economics. But what is it all about?
  1. Who is the BBE program intended for?

BBE is the perfect program for students who are interested in current developments in business and economics around the world, students who have an interest in analyzing and interpreting data to help them understand real-world issues, and who are aiming at an international future. BBE graduates will be ideal candidates for a subsequent international master’s program or a professional career. Typically, BBE students have very good English skills, are pro-active, and are eager to contribute to classroom discussions, group assignments, and the BBE community.

  1. Can you give us BBE in a nutshell?

The program starts in the fall of 2018 and consists of three phases. Phase 1 is the introductory phase. In this phase, students learn about challenges faced by society today, for example globalization and climate change, and how they affect business and the economy. The introductory phase also includes an emphasis on quantitative methods. In the second phase, students will focus on core courses such as Business Analytics, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Business Planning, Micro- and Macroeconomics, History of Economics and the Economy, and Governance and the Legal Environment. In the third and final phase, students have the opportunity to focus on their individual interests. They can enroll in specializations and free electives at WU or other universities in Austria or abroad. Additionally, students have the chance to gain practical experience during an internship or go on a semester abroad to one of our 240 partner universities.

  1. Could you please explain the selection procedure?

A 3-step selection procedure applies. In the program’s first year, 120 students will be accepted. In step 1, potential students need to apply online from March 1 until May 15. In step 2, students are required to submit a letter of motivation explaining why they are interested in enrolling in the BBE program and document their B2-level English skills. The deadline for step 2 is June 1. Step 3 is the entrance exam on July 10, 2018 in Vienna. The entrance exam has three parts: It tests the applicants’ skills in English, mathematics, and basic business and economics. Preparatory material is available online. Detailed information about the selection procedure is available online in our application guide.

  1. What are BBE graduates’ career prospects?

WU is known for the excellent career prospects of its graduates. With a degree in BBE, graduates can look forward to starting out in an international career, be it in Austria or abroad. Companies look for applicants with a global perspective, and the program will give our graduates a broad and comprehensive view of issues in modern business and economics worldwide. As a further option, graduate programs also want students with an interdisciplinary perspective, sound quantitative research experience, and outstanding social skills. Our various teaching and learning methods prepare our students for these future requirements and challenges.

  1. Finally, can you sum up BBE in three words?

Individual. International. Future-oriented.

Contact data:

Program coordinator: Julia Zeilinger, MSc


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