“The new ISU Estonia exceeded my expectations”

Since 2016, ISU Estonia has enriched the portfolio of WU’s International Summer Universities. The project was launched in cooperation with the Estonian Business School (EBS). 22 WU applicants were selected and completed the intensive program together with 11 EBS students in August 2016. Manya Rahbari was one of them and shares her experiences with us.

 “ISU Estonia exceeded my expectations”

Regarding the academic program of ISU Estonia, the marketing courses were very interesting and most importantly, very close to practice. Having to deal with a real life project was challenging, yet a lot of fun. Although the workload was high, working in groups and trying to do everything possible to achieve the best results was great. Not only did we learn important theoretical backgrounds of marketing, but had to apply them. Working in culturally diverse teams has showed us the importance of communication in order to get things done efficiently.

The company visits were very diverse and I think that everyone was able to identify themselves with at least one of them. For me, personally, getting insight and participating in a workshop with one of the companies was the best part of it. Although the academic program was quite intense, we managed to use our time effectively and were able to enjoy trips organized by the university, such as visiting the Lahemaa National Park and Helsinki. The various excursions were a lot of fun and strongly contributed towards our group coming together as a team.

Experiencing the versatility of the university program offered at ISU Estonia, with a strong emphasis on bringing students together and being part of lectures from 4 different teachers in regard to one field was very motivating. In summary, from an academic and leisure perspective, ISU Estonia exceeded my expectations. Tallinn has a lot to offer and is a very special city with spectacular and beautiful surroundings. I wish my 3 weeks would have not passed so quickly!

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