Seafood vs. Semmel

My university is small, with only 2000 students. It is on a large hill and we can watch the ocean from there. Otaru is especially famous for seafood so I guess you can eat some of the most delicious sushi in the world there.

In Vienna, I enjoy eating Semmel (fresh bread rolls) and walking to school through Prater Park every day. I really like the beautiful buildings at WU and when I walk around Vienna, I can also find so many beautiful and historical buildings. The variety of cultural events is also an attractive point for me. The Christmas market was beautiful, and I enjoyed drinking Glühwein (mulled wine). A few weeks ago I went to City Hall and watched Euro 2016 in public viewing. I had no choice but to take Austria‘s side because I‘m from Asia. I sang and shouted “Alaba! Alaba!” with the local people. That was exciting.

There are a lot of differences between my university and WU. At WU, discussions and presentations are common so I am required to attend classes and participate. My fellow exchange students all have unique backgrounds. Some have experience of working at companies, I have never seen such students in Japan. Sometimes it was hard for me because I am used to doing things much differently, but I learned a lot of useful skills from other students.

This was my first time living in a foreign country for such a long time apart from my family, so Vienna is now my second hometown. I will be back to Vienna someday.

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